ICC Men’s 2023 cricket world cup Qualifiers Super six

cricket world cup qualifiers Super six

The stage is set for the cricket world cup qualifiers Super Six, where teams will battle it out to secure their place in the final and the upcoming tournament. The top three teams from each group stage have progressed to this crucial stage.

With every game being a do-or-die affair, the intensity and competitiveness are expected to be at an all-time high. The pressure will be on each team to perform their best and make history by securing a spot in one of cricket’s most prestigious tournaments. Fans worldwide will eagerly watch as these teams leave it all on the field in their quest for glory. With only six teams remaining, each match becomes a do-or-die situation for both sides as they fight tooth and nail to earn their spot in cricket’s ultimate tournament.

Super Six Schedule

Every match is very important for every team in the super six stages. One loss means out of the race final so it will be a do-and-die moment for every team.

Thursday, 29 June
Super 6: A2 v B2, Queen’s Sports Club

Friday, 30 June
Super 6: A3 v B1, Queen’s Sports Club
Playoff: A5 v B4, Takashinga Cricket Club

Saturday, 1 July
Super 6: A1 v B3, Harare Sports Club

Sunday, 2 July
Super 6: A2 v B1, Queen’s Sports Club
Playoff: A4 v B5, Takashinga Cricket Club

Monday, 3 July
Super 6: A3 v B2, Harare Sports Club

Tuesday, 4 July
Super 6: A2 v B3, Queen’s Sports Club
Playoff: 7th v 8th Takashinga Cricket Club

Wednesday, 5 July
Super Six: A1 v B2, Harare Sports Club

Thursday, 6 July
Super Six: A3 v B3, Queen’s Sports Club
Playoff: 9th v 10th Takashinga Cricket Club

Friday, 07 July
Super Six: A1 v B1, Harare Sports Club

Overview of the Cricket World Cup Qualifiers

The Cricket World Cup Qualifiers are a crucial part of the journey towards the prestigious cricket tournament. The super six of the qualifiers is where teams face off against each other to secure their spots in the World Cup. The top three teams from each group in the preliminary stage advance to this phase, with four matches being played between them.

Every team will play five matches in a round-robin format in the super six stages. Then the top two will play the final, and take place in the world cup 2023. It’s an exciting time for fans as they watch their favorite teams battle it on the field.

Super Six Format

The cricket world cup qualifiers super six are reaching their climax as the teams prepare to face off in the super six. The format of this stage is simple; every team will play five matches. The top six teams from the group stage will compete with each other to secure a place in the final.

The super six can be a nerve-wracking experience for players and fans alike, as one mistake can result in being out of the tournament. Each team must bring their A-game to make it through to the next round. It’s not just about individual performance but also teamwork and strategy. With so much at stake, every decision counts. Even teams that have struggled earlier in the tournament can turn things around and surprise everyone with an upset victory.

Teams in the Running

As the cricket world cup qualifiers Super Six, several teams are still in the running for a spot in the tournament. The road to the World Cup has been arduous for these teams, with each game carrying immense importance and the pressure mounting with every passing moment.

super six teams

The super six will see six teams battling it out for two remaining spots in the 2023 Cricket World Cup. These include West Indies, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Netherlands, and Oman. Each team must bring their A-game to secure a place in next year’s event and prove they have what it takes to compete against some of the world’s best cricketing nations.

Players to Watch

The cricket world cup qualifiers super six is set to take place soon, and fans of the game are eagerly waiting to see which teams will emerge victorious. As the excitement builds up, there are a few players that everyone should watch during these crucial matches.

First on the list is Ireland’s Paul Stirling. The 30-year-old opener has been in great form recently and was instrumental in his team. His ability to score runs quickly and pressure the opposition could prove vital for Ireland in the knockout stages. Another player worth watching is West Indies’ Kyle Mayers. The all-rounder has consistently performed for his team and can contribute with both bat and ball. His experience could be crucial for West Indies as they look to make it to their third World Cup. Some other players, like Sri Lankan Kusal Mendis and Zimbabwe s Sikandar Raza, perform very well.

Qualifiers final 2023

The knockout stage of the Cricket World Cup Qualifiers is finally here, and fans worldwide eagerly await to see which teams will make it to the final. The top six teams will play in the round robin, and then the top teams will play the final and qualify for the 2023 world cup.

expected final teams

West Indies and Sri Lanka have been looking dominant throughout, boasting a near-perfect record in the past. However, Zimbabwe and Ireland will be no easy opponents as they, too, have had an impressive showing in this competition. The final Will be played on Sunday, 09 July 2023, at Harare sports club Zimbabwe.


The Cricket World Cup Qualifiers super six has been an intense and thrilling ride for fans worldwide. With only six remaining teams, each match will determine who earns a spot in the 2023 World Cup. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite team or just excited to see some high-level cricket action, these final matches will surely deliver. So be sure to tune in and experience the excitement firsthand!

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